Fall Flower Frame

Fall is here, which means I’m crying on the inside for lost beach days and dreading the fact that I have to wear extra layers. To cheer myself (and my room) up I went to Michael’s for some project inspiration. I came up with this project idea after stumbling upon the floral section. I had randomly bought an @ symbol at target the week earlier (blame that impulse buy on the social media strategist that I am) and flowers and gold seemed like the perfect way to spruce it up.

What you’ll need:

Heavy duty scissors or wire cutters
Sharp pencil or pen
Mounting tape
Artificial flowers – I used three bouquets labeled ‘Autumn Bushes’ from the floral section of my local Michael’s
Spray paint
Wood letter or symbol
Foam board


Getting to it:

  1. Spray your letter or symbol in the color of your choice. I started off spraying my wood @ symbol in my backyard. I recommend doing this outside or with lots of open windows so that you minimize breathing in fumes. I applied three coats following the directions on the spray can then let it dry outdoors for two hours.
  1. Decide what shape you want your flower frame to be then cut your board with a box cutter making sure to leave enough room for the flower frame and wood letter to fit. I went with square-ish (12 x 11.5 inches).
  1. Cut the flowers from the bouquet using scissors or wire cutters so that you have individual stems. I left around 4 – 5 inches of stem on each flower.
  1. Choose a flower arrangement and mark the places at least an inch away from each edge.
  1. Poke holes in the board where you marked. I, being the random person that I am, used a mechanical pencil for this step. The holes turned out perfectly sized for the wire stems.
  1. Insert wires into holes. You can choose to do this with all the flowers at once or alternate between this step and step 7.
  1. Secure flowers by bending the wire over then twisting. This should form a loop with a twisted base, which will come in handy whether you want to hang this on a wall or prop it on a desk.
  1. Apply mounting tape  to back of your letter or symbol and place it in the center of your frame.

Voila! Have fun channeling those sunny fall vibes!

IMG_6676 IMG_6680IMG_6688 IMG_6697IMG_6699 IMG_6696IMG_6695 IMG_6700

Goodbye Summer & Hello Taste Treaty

Welcome to Taste Treaty! I’m excited to start this blog and give you a peek into my favorite personal looks and DIY projects.

Here in New York summer is unfortunately coming to an end, but that’s no reason to not make these dwindling warm days as colorful as possible! I combined a solid coral top with a patterned midi skirt and colorblock stack heels to create this fun yet polished look.

I’ll be reluctantly transitioning into fall soon so keep an eye out for future posts!




Dolce Vita Fanta Sandal / H&M Skirt (similar from Nordstrom and ASOS) / Forever21 Top / Forever21 Bag (similar here)